Buildings as Energy Solutions

Net Zero Plus is a set of comprehensive strategies transforming the way buildings use, produce, store, and monitor energy. Integrated energy-efficiency and advanced generation technologies provide whole building and community-facing approaches. Our Net Zero Plus team can provide you with inclusive energy solutions as you plan your new projects or consider an energy retrofit for your existing buildings.

Net Zero Plus offers expertise in:

  • Efficiency Solutions
  • Energy Sufficiency and Independence
  • Advanced Technologies – As new technologies emerge, the Net Zero Plus living laboratory will be a center of excellence from which developers and builders can learn about new solutions available to them. Innovators and manufacturers will showcase and develop their energy technologies at the lab by testing, demonstrating, and facilitating new technologies into the market.
  • Scalability Options – Owners can choose to build or retrofit a high performance building or move to a net zero energy building. Based on economies and budgets, we can guide owners and developers through the variables and choices.
  • Economic Benefits – Owners and managers can learn how to maximize short- and long-term energy savings, positioning buildings to increase occupancy levels and tenant revenue, establish market differentiation, and add to the market value by using the Net Zero Plus energy solutions.
  • Financing – A variety of financing structures and multi-tiered solutions are available for clients, including traditional bank products, energy source funds, and governmental financial energy instruments in addition to applicable rebates and tax credits.

We look forward to supporting you with your project with our Net Zero Plus energy solutions.

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