Integrated Intelligence & Performance Management and Evaluation

The NZP ETI’s energy technologies are monitored and evaluated with new state-of-the-art performance Measurement and Verification (M&V) systems. Measurements provide the NZP ETI the performance details needed to maintain the building’s peak performance and energy usage, recommend corrective actions when necessary, provide cost savings analysis, and record variations in energy use and in energy storage among additional outputs.


Real-time and historic analytics on the NZP ETI’s energy generation, consumption, and storage are displayed on interactive dashboard displays in the building’s lobby. These energy dashboards are key tools to educate and engage students, staff, and visitors on the NZP ETI’s technologies and performance.

The Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute’s M&V system highlights and includes:

  • Real-time integration of energy load, generation and storage to support creation of new revenue streams that leverage the value of the customer’s energy generation by selling unused power back into the grid
  • Demonstration and testing intelligent tools to help building owners and managers make smart decisions on energy management for reduced operating expenses