Transformational Training

To meet the growing demands of the building industry as it transitions toward high performance buildings, increased renewable energy technologies, distributed generation, and energy districts, IBEW Local 11 and the Los Angeles Chapter of NECA have partnered to provide the best-in-class trained electrical workforce and contractors through the Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute. Through this industry-leading program, our energy specialists incur no student debt, as their studies are paid for by private industry through contributions by employers and IBEW members.


We are preparing the next generation of energy specialists for long-term and well-paid careers at the forefront of America’s new energy economy. Energy is now in the decision-making process from the beginning stages of building design through ongoing operations. Our energy specialists and contractors are leading this important process, as they understand how advanced energy systems should be designed, built, operated, and evaluated.

Our energy specialists and contractors are prepared to:

  • Help customers reduce energy costs
  • Help customers realize new and greater revenues
  • Manage the costs of reliability
  • Invest in energy independence
  • Help customers achieve sustainability goals
  • Contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and balanced electrical grid