NZP-ETI Audio/Video Tour

Tour Stop #1: OneSource Conference Room & Lobby

Interactive dashboards in the NZP-ETI’s Briefing Room and state-of-the-art presentation tools in the OneSource Conference Room enable the center to host educational meetings and help contractors, building owners and others understand how best to achieve a project’s energy goals.

Tour Stop #2: LED Lighting

Throughout the center, a variety of LED lights and a sophisticated lighting control system lowers the building’s energy consumption and provides a comfortable learning environment for journeymen and apprentice electricians.

Tour Stop #3: Electrochromatic Glass

The NZP-ETI’s electrochromatic windows allow the center to control the amount of light and heat that pass through the windows and help keep the facility cooler on sunny days.

Tour Stop #4: Motor Control Lab

Sponsored by OneSource Distributors and Square D by Schneider Electric, the Motor Control Lab is where NZP-ETI students learn how to work with the latest switchgear control technology.

Tour Stop #5: High Bay/Conduit Training

Lit by natural light and energy efficient LEDs, the High Bay area is home to the Conduit Lab where students learn how to work with a variety of conduit systems.

Tour Stop #6: Intelligent Transportation Lab

The NZP-ETI’s Intelligent Transportation Lab provides the opportunity and the equipment necessary to study and work with the latest technologies in traffic signals, traffic controllers, loop signaling and multiple street lighting applications.

Tour Stop #7: Fire Alarm Lab

The Fire Alarm Lab provides students with an opportunity to learn and practice the hands-on skills of connecting fire alarm devices, fire alarm panels and annunciators.

Tour Stop #8: Transformer Lab

The NZP-ETI’s Transformer Lab provides a safe environment for students to learn how to control different voltage applications and to safely apply electrical theory.

Tour Stop #9: Photovoltaic Control Room

The NZP-ETI’s microgrid uses advanced electronics, energy storage and photovoltaic solar to provide a platform for a smarter and more reliable electric system.

Tour Stop #10: Traffic Signal & Street Light Lab

The Traffic Signal and Street Light Lab provide an opportunity for journeymen and apprentice electricians to work on the systems and equipment installed throughout the city and county of Los Angeles.

Tour Stop #11: Mobile Solar Lab

In the center’s Mobile Solar Lab, students learn the skills necessary to qualify them to work on the solar power generating systems that are fundamental to a clean energy economy.

Tour Stop #12: Warehouse

The center’s Warehouse is home to several labs and features readily available, off-the-shelf technology to keep the area cool on hot summer days.

Tour Stop #13: Multi-Purpose Room

The center’s Multi-Purpose Room is used for meetings, special gatherings and testing sessions for potential NZP-ETI apprentices.

Tour Stop #14: Auditorium

The NZP-ETI’s Auditorium plays host to a variety of union and contractor sponsored events and provides the perfect setting for transformative discussions about the future of the electric power industry.

Tour Stop #15: Battery & Inverter Yard

The NZP-ETI’s batteries store excess electricity produced by the center’s solar arrays. The batteries enable the center to participate in demand response programs and to operate disconnected from the grid by using the battery-stored electricity.

Tour Stop #16: Chiller Yard

With its heat recovery system and advanced control system, the NZP-ETI’s heating and cooling system enables the center to reduce its energy consumption while providing a comfortable learning environment in its labs and classrooms.

Tour Stop #17: Solar Arrays

The NZP-ETI’s four photovoltaic solar arrays produce a combined total of 607 kilowatts of electricity, and help the center achieve its NetZero Plus energy goal.

Tour Stop #18: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The NZP-ETI features eight electric vehicle charging stations – four underneath the solar array nearest the building and four underneath the parking lot solar array.

Tour Stop #19: Weather Station

The center’s advanced weather station enables the NZP-ETI to monitor weather data and more effectively match its energy consumption with its energy production.

Tour Stop #20: Solar Reflective Roofing

Thanks to two layers of insulation and a solar reflective top cap, the NZP-ETI’s roof reduces energy consumption and helps the center achieve its NetZero Plus energy goal.

Tour Stop #21: Solar Shade Wall

The NZP-ETI’s Solar Shade Wall is an excellent example of form and function: the wire mesh screen displays the center’s logo while reducing the temperature inside the building.

Tour Stop #22: Drought Tolerant Landscaping

The NZP-ETI’s drought tolerant yet colorful landscaping enables the center to reduce its water use and helps contribute to a more sustainable future.

Tour Stop #23: Railroad Crossing Lab

The center’s unique Railroad Crossing Lab provides hands-on opportunities for journeymen and apprentices to learn about the latest rail systems as well as new train control systems.